Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feedjit Revisited

I am considering whether or not to keep the Feedjit tracker (live traffic feed) on this site.

Why, you ask? 2 reasons:
  1. I can spend way too much time looking at it. Adding cities to my Google maps. Keeping a Word Perfect (NOT MS Word!) document with all the cities in alphabetical order. I think I may be just a wee bit OCD about it. Oh, and in case you are interested, as of right now, people from 173 US and 66 international cities have visited my humble blog. See what I mean about "way too much time"?
  2. I have seen some commentary on the web from people who hate it and their reasons are not all that whacked.
So, should I take it off? Should I leave it there? What to do, what to do!

What do you think? Please offer a comment (anonymous if you like) and take the 2 polls over to the right if you don't mind.


Judy said...

It's nice to know who is visiting your blog, so keep it on. Thanks for visiting me.

Kathy said...

Thanks Judy, I've added you to my blog list. I enjoy yours very much.

Sista G said...

I don't really pay any attention to it one way or the other - you know that takes too much web sense, and I protest technology at every opportunity!!

Kathy said...

Holy Cow Sista G! Now you're starting to sound like Sista Nana.

Donna-FFW said...

Im a nosy thing. I like to know who visits me..