Sunday, April 5, 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms are on the Way

Today, in just a couple hours, I will be driving to Northern Virginia, Arlington to be specific, for a day-long meeting tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to the meeting, since it lets me dabble a tiny bit back into my former world of academia, which I miss so much, every day.

The meeting will end at 5:00 pm tomorrow, at which point I will indulge myself with a veerrrry leisurely dinner, since I am NOT stoopid enough to try to battle rush hour traffic out of DC. No way, no sir, fersure. I figure I will get home around midnight. Bummer.

Another good thing is that I will get to see my niece & her husband. They have just returned from spending the last month exploring the Middle East and lived to tell the tale.

I plan on passing the time waiting for the traffic to thin out by having a delightful time looking at the latest edition of "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" (is that listed with my favorite books in my profile? If not, it will be in a minute). Except I will be either in a restaurant booth or in my car with the windows down. I won't have my keister parked on the can while I read. It's my oldest sister's fault, my Nana, that I am in love with Uncle John. She started it.

What does any of that have to do with withdrawal symptoms? I was getting to that. When I leave my house, I will turn the computer off and leave it in my living room. It will not accompany me on this little trip.

So, because I will sleep in a bit on Tuesday morning, that makes close to 24 hours of no computer. No internet, no e-mail, no blogs, no forums, no games, no crosswords, no looking at my Feedjit to see who visited, no ABC News feed.

Sheesh. I don't know if I will survive. Oh, who am I kidding? I will turn it on when I get home, no matter how late it is.

ps - I'll have my cell phone, and would love some conversation to pass the time driving . . . with a headset.

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