Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More fun with animal names

A rafter of turkeys


A bale of turtles


A pitying or dule of turtledoves


A pod of walrus


A fall of woodcocks

http://www.gourmetfly.com/image7%5B1%5D.jpg woodcocks

A descent of woodpeckers


edited with more from the San Diego Zoo:

an obstinancy of buffalo
a flutter of butterflies (or should that be flutterbies?)
an intrusion of cockroaches
a gulp of cormorants
a kine of cows
a bask of crocodiles
a memory of elephants
a business of ferrets
a flamboyance of flamingos
a skulk of foxes (hey, I have those in my back yard)
a tower of giraffes
a kettle of hawks
a bloat of hippos
a cackle of hyenas
a smack of jellyfish
a leap of leopards
a barrel of monkeys (you think I'm 'funnin' you, don't you? haha)
a barren of mules ('cause they are, aren't they)
to be continued . . . .

one of my beloved 'skulk'

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