Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Ah, I missed you, my little friend.


During my endless time without you, I stared at the TV in my lonely hotel room, since I left my book in the car. Staring, staring. Switching between a special on the life of Jesus on the Discovery Channel & Hollywood's worst plastic surgery on E!


Oh, okay, it was only 34 hours and 13 minutes, but still . . .

If only you had been with me, I could have passed the time in much more productive and enlightening pursuits by reading blogs, playing solitaire, & doing crossword puzzles. Yeah.

Plus, the bathroom lighting in my hotel room was horrible. It turned my freckles green.
Quite the disturbing sight at 6 am.

My friend Rosie will be mad, because as it turns out, I didn't have my camera with me after all. So, no pictures of that riveting, edge-of-your-seat meeting about the future of physical therapy clinical internships.

Going up there was terrific, though. What is it about a road trip on a beautiful day that makes me positively giddy with excitement? Giddy. Llllliterally dancing in my seat as I emerged from the hole of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel into the bright sunshine.

This is the height of redbud season in this part of the country and the highways were full of them. But I cannot see them anymore without thinking of April 17, 2007. It was the day after the Virginia Tech shootings, and I was driving to Blacksburg like a bat out of Hell to get to BS and my niece and nephew and all their friends. It was another gorgeous day then, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and the redbuds were in full bloom, covering the mountains in a purple haze. The image is seared on my brain as part of that day.

Virginia even has a whole festival to the redbud, it's that important here, especially in the mountains.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

What???? No pictures?

Kathy said...

Sad, but true. I can't even say with certainty that I know where my camera is.

Russ said...

I could have taken a picture of Lending Regulation Z--Truth in Lending for you, or perhaps the nuances of APR calculation??

Kathy said...

APR calculations are sexy. When I worked at the bank, they were my favorite.

Russ said...

Hmmm...never mind!

Sister G said...

"I like redbuds" - it's along story, K - ask me when we get there this weekend!

Russ - so...you're in the mortgage lending world, as am I! New RESPA, 1004MC, Refi Plus, Reg Z, minimum credit score increases, LTV reductions, whiny borrowers in response to the above - priceless!!