Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feedjit Poll Results

Well, of the readers from the 197 American cities and the 76 foreign cities (as of 6:46 Tuesday 4-21-09), I got 7 votes about the presence of that seductive Feedjit tracker on my site. Yes, you see correctly. 7, as in seven, as in one more than 6 and one less then 8. Overwhelming, I know, but I'll see it at the 'one more than 6'.

Oh wait, many of those are NOT readers of my blog. Some stumbled here while looking for other, more libidinous pursuits.

Based on the statistically significant (not!) sampling, Feedjit stays and I can continue to feed my obsession, so I'll just have to put up with the kinky pains in my neck, maybe sitting with a more erect posture, whilst I satisfy my insatiable curiosity about who visits my site, however unintended that visit may be.

Next time I'll put up a poll about your favorite uses for jello.

Why the unrelated words in bold? I think I may get some interesting hits from the libidinous Googlers. I'll report back.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Busty.

I female woman. I have erection now just reading your blog.

I too am insatiable and kinky.

I have obsession with the jello.

You very very bold woman.

You have seduced me with your rhetoric.

Your Virtual Friend Who Lusts For You,
Masa Harina