Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog Comments

I just love getting comments on my blog posts.
Lets me know that someone is actually reading it.
But I have joined the ranks of those whose blogs have attracted spam.
And not the tasty hammy treat that Hawaiians love so much.
This kind is either in a foreign language or gobbledygook.
But the comments have, couched within the odd language,
links to products that will allow for greater, uh,
growth & longevity when engaging in certain activities.

If you know what I mean.

Let me show you a few:

"Mi scusi per quello che sono qui per interferire… di recente. Ma sono molto vicini al tema. Scrivere al PM. lblvxlipeh ljqpfazxto [url= [/url] dvyrruabun txorotjcrd rpbtxtmccg iacjcxsqwk"

"kwfjilejph kkxoedbftg [url=] [/url] qifrxuvlzg vgvgehtrkv vijsqtkail vbmeshclhm

"vqwdrvhxrl vvzdqfsref [url= [/url] zcefeicnmf zwvxumechx dflxwygjxf lacsuqhjiu"

The interesting thing is that they all show up on a particular post,
and it wasn't even a post that mentioned anything remotely concerned with activities in the 'private sector'.
It was about donating platelets, for goodness sake.

Even with this post, I am being careful to avoid what I assume are certain key words.
I don't want more spam.
But I don't want to have to start moderating the comments either,
or making you do a word verification before your comment will appear.
So I have to go back and change the title of that post
and see if that stops the spam.

Oh, and please don't click on those links above.
Not that you could anyway,
'cause I removed their linkability (is that a word?) through the magic of html editing.
I replaced them with little boo hiss frowny faces.

So, please keep reading & leaving comments.
Just not about your favorite pharmaceutical products.

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