Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

to Meeeeee!

Not really, but I told BS that all I wanted for my birthday was to go to a Virginia Tech football game. Didn't care when or which one, as long as I got to go. Didn't even matter if the game wasn't anywhere near my birthday, as long as I got to go.


Really? Me? I wanted football for my birthday?
*knocks self in head*

Yes. Times change, people change, and my smug & condescending distaste of football turned into an unexpected & fervent fondness for the Hokies once the family kids started going to VT for all their high cost higher learnin'.
And I have partaken of the proverbial crow ever since.

So, anyway, BS got tickets for the NC State game this past weekend. And through extra tickets and schedule changes, one of his good friends and Sista G ended up going with us. Sista G, for all her living in Roanoke (only 45 min away from B'burg) and years of Hokie nieces & nephews, had never been to a football game. Any game. Anywhere.
(and she's even more rabid about football than I am)

Hot dawg! Good times on the way!

But first things first.
I had to go explain to SOMEONE that I couldn't watch the game with him this time
on account of I was gonna be at the game.
Boy, did I get the stink-eye.
The worst of the stink-eye was over by the time I grabbed the camera.

I had to pacify him with the promise of souvenirs.
Lots of them.

So, BS + friend + I left after work on Friday (and I got to doze in the back seat. ahhh, pure pleasure)
to stay the night at Sista G's. We left for the game a little after noon on Saturday.
BS & friend were staying the night in B'burg, so he drove my car & Sista G drove hers.

Now, seeing as how this was the last home game of the season, traffic was going to be a bitch. See?

So BS took us the scenic route to avoid those all those crazy VT drivers (present company excluded ;-).
That's BS & friend ahead in my li'l green car.

It was a really lovely little winding hilly twisty twisty road . . .

. . . and Sista G took great pleasure in careening around the curves
so we could pretend we were on a roller coaster. Pretty close.

If you listen closely, you can hear me mumble something about throwing up.

First stop - the bookstore for the promised souvenirs.
Next stop - the looooong walk . . .

. . . to joy & fun & yee-haw!

Including the super secret sniper spies on the roof.

We ate giant smoked turkey legs, yelled a lot, did the wave, stomped, hooted, hollered, shivered,
and generally had a heck of a good time.
Yes, we won. By a lot.
Random shots from the night:

Someone's unfortunate idea of a practical joke

Sista G

BS & friend


Thank you Beloved Son for a terrific birthday.
I had 2 months to look forward to it, which made it all the sweeter!

in the spirit of tomorrow, and since the VT mascot vaguely resembles a turkey,



Sista G said...

Wow - you can actually see my dashboard lizard, and hear my Marley music in your video!!

It was a maaaavelous time, and a joy to behold! I loved having you guys!

Russ said...

Great pix...felt like I was there, along with the great narrative. One disturbing thought....smoked turkey legs? These guys at VT EAT their mascot? Seems rather barbaric, maybe even something akin to cannibalism..

Kathy said...

Exactly Russ. Isn't it great? That's the same thought I have when I hear of people eating lamb at Easter. Wasn't Jesus the Lamb of God? So if you eat lamb, are you not effectively eating Jesus on this his holiest of days? Seems kinda mean.