Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Day minus 1 - It's Almost Here!


I can turn the radio to my local 24-hour Christmas music station

and hear all the old, standard favorites.
But, just like the music I posted a few days ago,
this one is NEVER played, so I present it here.

And, from my childhood, this old, scratchy recording of Anna Maria Alberghetti singing
"The Star Carol" is from a Goodyear Christmas album,
the same one I listened to when my sisters & I were wee bairns.
(Those sisters will find infantile felines shooting from their nether regions
with explosive force when they hear this. :-)

And, finally, in case any of you still don't believe that Santa will come tomorrow,
please visit this website.
NORAD is an official government agency,
and if the US Governmant acknowledges the Jolly Old Elf,
who are we to say otherwise, huh?


Sista G said...

Oh, yes - projectile kittens with both of the songs!!

dle1004 said...

We got to hear Marys Boy Child this year at the Community Christmas Choir program in a little town in Western NC, it was quite beautiful!!!