Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Many Apologies

Even though I changed the title of a particular blog post to try to thwart the blog spammers,
the spam continues, now on another post too.
Another one that has nothing to do with personal growth of the male variety.

So, as a result of me not wanting to continually go back and delete those idiots,
I have initiated word verification on my blog.

I know, I know.
Word verification is lame.
It's annoying.

But not as annoying as seeing an e-mail pop up telling me I have a new comment on my blog . . .


**Someone likes me!!!**

. . . only to find out . . .

Uh, no.
Someone only wants to sell me pharmaceuticals that will ensure Little Johnny's massive size.

So, I apologize for making you take that one extra step to make a comment.
Which, by the way, I LOVE getting.
So, please don't let it stop you.

ps: extra apologies to any readers who may be dyslexic,
because having to retype random letters my be your idea of Hell.


Anonymous said...

I'm never commenting, ever again. I can not abide the indignity of typing 5 additional letters! It's not even a real word down there. What is FRUIN? You should go off on one of your tirades about the spammers....oh yeah, you did....never mind... ;-)
Incidentally, want to have fun your junk mail? I open all the free credit card and loan offers because I know what ID theft can do. I shred the application and free checks, stuff the pre-paid envelopes, and mail them back to them. It costs them extra to send junk mail to me. Petty, maybe, but it gives me something to do if I'm slugging out in front of the TV.

PS. I still don't know what "fruin" is.

Anonymous said...

Crap! That should read "Incidentally, want to have fun WITH your junk mail?" Now people will think my grammatical education is lacking. The shame!
And, not only do I not know what "fruin" is, I now need to go look up "orabi." I'm through with you. :-)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Sadly, I too had to initiate word verification. I am "corment"ed by this. What the hell is "corment?" Don't have time to comment as Mr. Hawthorne has had an erection for more than 4 hours and I need to drive him to the doctor.

Kathy said...

RAD, sigh, I'll miss your comments.
BTW - a 'fruin' is a gay Boston hockey player. Silly, I thought you knew that.

Rosie, sounds like you clicked on your spam and made a purchase, eh?

Sista G said...

I LOVE the "fruin" definition - how creative!

Hairball T. Hairball said...

That's cool, we understand. Sometimes the WVs have me rolling on the floor when it fits a post really well.

My wv is exprati

Didn't Snads make that one time with vanella vodka, prune juice, and marshmellows??