Monday, December 7, 2009

Gotta Use The Black Bananas

Last night I looked in my kitchen and saw a grocery bag I forgot to unpack.
But finding a bunch of overripe bananas means only one thing . . .

I've posted about these before.

Today, I made one minor change and one delicious change.
Change #1 - I used 2 parts white whole wheat flour & and 1 part buckwheat flour
Change #2 - added chocolate chips with the toffee chips (ooooh)

Before some of you squawk at me, white whole wheat flour is 100% whole grain.
Don't let the word "white" fool you.
It's NOT white flour (which is evil).
It's ground from white wheat, which has less tannins in the bran than red wheat.
This produces a pale flour with a milder flavor.

When they came out of the oven, BS made piggy snort noises so I would bring him one.

Me: Scale of 1-10?
BS: So far it's a 10.

Keep in mind that last time I made these, he gave them "at least an 8, maybe a 9".
This time I got a 10.

*pause for happy chewing*

Me: 100% whole grain
BS (in his cheesiest commercial endorsement voice): They're good and good for you!
Me: You want another one?
BS: Yah, maybe 2. Breakfast of champions man.

So, yeah, chocolate makes everything better.

Wait, you really can't tell that 2 of those are a Christmas tree & a gingerbread boy.
I have some festive holiday shapes.

I have to give them a flip and expose their dark underbellies so you can see.

Hmmm, now they look very brown.
Well, crap.
They still taste good.

Lessons learned: those non-stick pans brown more than stainless steel.

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