Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day + 2

Christmas traditions are very important to people, and my family is no different.
For the last umpteen years, since BS was a little boy, we have spent Christmas Eve night
at my mother's place with whatever other relatives happened to be there.

We have our ritual schedules that we follow -
we all go out to dinner,
and brother & I (at least) accompany her to the Christmas Eve service at her church.
Then brother & I go to the late service at my church
where brother has too much champagne.

"What?" you say,
"Drinking in church?

My church (Episcopal - we love our wine at mass)
has an elegant champagne reception after midnight mass.
(which starts at 10:30 these days :-)
There are finger foods & champagne and we celebrate Christmas when mass ends at midnight.
It really is a lovely tradition - the first toast of Christmas,
and brother looks forward to it all year.
He brings plenty of champagne to contribute to the supply.
They look forward to having him there too.
Seeing him get a wee bit tipsy has become one of their Christmas traditions too.

Anyway, we never do get to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning.
Oh well.
Since BS grew up, he has elected to sleep at home
and come over to mother's early in the morning for the gift carnage.

Then, we usually travel down to Kitty Hawk to have dinner with my father.

I called BS on Christmas morning to see when we could expect him.
He was sick.
Sore throat, chills, headache, fever.

He wasn't coming to my mother's.
He wasn't going to my father's.
He wasn't going to see his father.
He would prefer that I keep the original plans.
He wasn't up for company.

This meant that I wouldn't be seeing my baby on Christmas,
and he would be all alone.
Doesn't matter if that's what he wanted.

I came home the next day and haven't left his side since.
Well, that is, except sleeping.
And going to the bathroom.
You know what I mean.


Michael (brother) said...

I love champagne church!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Sounds like my kind of church.

Hope BS is feeling better.

Sister G said...

Yes, it was sad not to see the boy all day, and have him share the fun - it just wasn't the same!! Hope he is doing doing better now.

Russ said...

Curse those years at Plaza (Southern) Baptist Church when I coulda been hangin' with you and those Episcopal heathens, which is where my heart really resides.

Kathy said...

Big ol' gulp of port at communion before we sing. Ahhhh. Medicinal value, doncha see. Helps clear the throat. Yeah, that's it.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to be Episcopal. :)
wish my church did the champagne thing after the late service on Christmas eve...I will have to suggest it... :D
(I'm studying to be a Priest so I will add this to the things I want to do when I have my own church)
Thanks for the idea!!!!

Kathy said...

Anonymous - It really is a nice tradition, and (except for my brother) no one overindulges. I don't like champagne, so I am always the designated driver. No one's going into a guardrail on my watch ;-)

The family service is earlier in the evening, so it's usually just the adults at midnight mass. Well, maybe some teenagers, but even most of those stay at home and text their friends.

Thanks for dropping by.