Thursday, March 5, 2009

A red letter day

A red-letter day because one of my 4 faithful readers actually asked for another blog post, and it hasn't even been a week. So I can't disappoint, even though I know he was just being polite. The trouble is, absolutely nothing intelligent or witty has crossed my mind this week. Wait, let me think . . . . . . nope, nothing.

I have been very busy at work preparing a presentation (over with as of this afternoon), so when I got home all week, I kind of zoned out. Besides, night before last, the furnace konked out (during the frigid temps), and it is just limping along until Saturday when it can be fixed properly. Luckily, it limped just enough Tuesday night for sufficient hot water to take a shower, but I had to turn it off after that. DURING THE COLD SNAP! I think I am ready for spring now. With the price of #2 fuel oil & the lack of snow, winter has definitely lost its charm.

But if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes....

Doesn't every city take questionable pride in that dubious claim? Really, with the exception of San Diego, which has the nicest weather in the solar system, most everyone else's weather changes, quite often in fact. Or 4 times a year at least. So we in Virginia Beach are nothing special when we make the same claim everyone else makes.

Last weekend, we finally got our (or I should say 'my') long-awaited snow and frigid temperatures. And again, the good folks to the south of us got multiple inches whilst we got only a wee dusting. T'aint fair. The problem is, this beautiful fluffy stuff came after some very mild, warm days, so all the spring the flowers were blooming. As a result . . .

These are my flowers

These are my flowers on ice.

Kind of makes you wonder if it was worth it. Between last Sunday and this coming Sunday, according to our local Hippy Dippy Weather Man, we will experience a 50 degree temperature increase. Holy cow!!

But this snowfall was nothing if not tenacious. In one of our courtyards at work, notice that the snow dast not cross over into the sun.

Don't you cross that line, you hear me snow?!

On one side is sun and spring. On the other side is shade and winter. Literally. It was as if someone spliced 2 different photos together. Weird.

I'll try to think of something brilliant for next time.


Russ said...

Love George Carlin, one of my favorite skits. The other is the newsman..."A dog exploded today at the corner of 5th and Main. No one was killed, but several people were overcome by fur".

Marilyn said...

It was in the mid 70's here today. I'm ready for the good weather. And I mentally sent you much of my cold and snow this winter; does that count?

Kathy said...

No, it does not. It was naught but a cruel tease. But that's okay. I was drinking in the weather today.