Monday, March 9, 2009

Rest in Peace

When you work where I do, death is an unwelcome specter lurking in the shadows. All our kids are considered fragile (some more than others), and we live with the knowledge that, from time to time, one of them will leave us. Even though we know in our heads that this is a very real possibility, nothing prepares our hearts for losing the children we love.

One of our boys returned to the arms of the angels this weekend, and the news awaited us when we got to work this morning. He slipped away peacefully in his sleep, having outlived every expectation.

Rest well, beloved child.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Bless you, Kathy, and bless you, dear child.
Kathy, for what you do.
And dear child, for your presence on this earth.
You are both loved and you've both made a difference in this world.
Thank you.

Sister G said...

So sorry - this is one of the hardest parts of your profession, the other being the daily frustration in knowing what mental capacity lies beneath the physical incapacity. Who was it - was it one of kids I met?

Kathy said...

No G, no one you met.