Wednesday, March 25, 2009

See? It wasn't Blogger after all

Problem diagnosed and fixed.

My friend Russ tried his different browsers, all 83 of them, and Internet Explorer was the only one that didn't work. So he asked me if I had added anything to my blog since my last post. Sure enough, I had placed a box on the right side of the page that had interesting word origins, and Internet Explorer didn't like it. Not. one. bit.

Microsoft doesn't play well with others.

I took it off, and IE has decided to be nice again and all is well with the universe.

For the time being.

You will find a link to it in the "Things you might like to look at" section.

If only a Mac wasn't so stinkin' expensive, I wouldn't even have to deal with Windows.


xmaskatie said...

Thanks for looking out for the IE losers. One thing I really hated was that I was not allowed to ignore the windows warning, the only option was to abort. When I run out of other things I don't want to do, I'll try using another browser.

Bob Rockefeller said...

No too expensive. Not if both computers have all the same things. Try to configure them the same at and and see.

Kathy said...

Bob - I will keep that in mind. My current Windows-based laptop isn't very old, so I'll have to wait until it is obsolete, probably in a month or so