Saturday, February 28, 2009

Useless knowledge

Over on the right-hand side of this page, if you scroll down a bit, there is a box titled "Useless Knowledge". It has some random bits of interesting trivia which change each time you refresh the page. I liked the last one I saw. What do you call a group of animals?

A shrewdness of apes
A troop of baboons
A shoal of bass
A sleuth or sloth of bears
A sounder of boars
An army of caterpillars
A clowder or clutter of cats
A brood or peep of chickens
A clutch or chattering of chicks

A few of those have a strange poetry about them, but the others I wonder, "What were they smoking when they thought of that?"


Russ said...

We want more posts, we want more posts.......

Russ said...

I forgot to ask, was the "chattering of chicks" about birds, or women at the mall, or on a cell phone, or at a dinner party.....

Kathy said...

I think any of those would apply....