Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Dismal Swamp was dismal

The Great Dismal Swamp Canal Trail ride - Part 2.

Beautiful day. Not too warm. Not too breezy. Blue skies. Perfect day for another ride down the Canal trail with BS. This time we put the bikes in the back of his pick-up, which makes me go all like "Yay, I don't have to drive!" Then I went "Rats, I forgot my camera again", which made BS go all like "Tough, we're too far gone." Of course, that was just BS from BS. We were only 1/2 mile from the house. Snerk. But that means that any pictures I have in this post were taken by the nice internet people that post all those good pictures.

Back to the tale. He had some difficulties with his bike chain at the beginning of the ride, then, just shy of the 5 mile marker, it broke. Busted. Useless. Or so he claimed. It could have been a carefully crafted ruse, you know. Hmmmm. Naw, not him. He was looking forward to the ride, or so he said. So I rode the 5 (well, almost) miles back to the truck while he walked his bike to the nearest cross street going back out to Highway 17. He got to the turn off just as I turned off the highway. Couldn't have timed that better if we tried.

We still had plenty of beautiful day left, so, since BS had never continued on down 17 to Elizabeth City NC, the "Harbor of Hospitality", we kept going south into the great state of North Carolina. Elizabeth City is a very pretty river town, and the waterfront area is picturesque and quiet.

You can even watch a 24 hour time-lapse live feed from the 'harbor cam'. Cool.

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