Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remember my little friend at work, the Kid, that I have taken to Blacksburg a couple of times because he loves the Hokies and partially for whom I am doing all this training in order to take him on a 60 mile bike ride at the end of May because we were inspired by Team Hoyt, assuming we can modify a bike stroller for him and that I can get into shape? (Run-on sentence alert) Well, when the Hokies are playing and the game is televised, I will often go to work and wheel him down to the break room so we can watch the game on TV. It is the only time he gets to see the games. The Kid loves to do this. He gets to hear an occasional 'colorful metaphor' and do some burping and farting, as is only proper when watching football.
Only thing missing is chips & beer &, well, if I had any balls I would scratch them, too. Tonight's game was at Boston College, and BS came along as well.

This is us watching the game. The TV is mounted high up on the wall, so it looks like we are madly cheering the peeling paint. That's BS on the left and the Kid on the right. I dragged in one of our stretchers to make myself a comfy easy chair. A good time was had by all. Of course, it would have been a better time - IF WE HAD WON - but we played like pussies for much of the game.

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