Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bucket List #...I forget what number I'm on

I don't ever want to forget about simple pleasures. Sometimes we do. We get so caught up in wanting exotic adventures or excitement or thrills that the simple pleasures are pushed aside. This evening BS and I picked up some food and went to my mother's place to settle in with some dinner and a movie in the DVD player (BTW, Robert DiNiro is faaaabulous in this one). Nothing like snuggling up at Mommy's house after a long day at work with a little ice cream. Of course, then you have to go out into the cold and drive home, but what the heck.

She lives in a 10th story apartment at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay with practically a 180 degree view of the bay. The sights are spectacular...

And with that prime location, she also gets to see the fleet coming & going. What a sight that must be. I've never been there when they were in sight. Rats.

Photo courtesy Department of Defense - Defense Visual Information Center

Speaking of Navy ships, I forgot to mention that after my Dismal Swamp ride on Monday, Dad took me to the Navy base to see all the ships - destroyers, guided missile carriers, supply ships, and told me fun stuff about them all, along with stories of his time in the Navy. I love stories. I was bummed to learn that there are no more battleships in service - the kind you see in WWII movies. We have one here in Norfolk, the USS Wisconsin. It is free and open to the public, so come on down and see her. And check out the video of her arriving at her new home here.


xmaskatie said...

What a great view from your mom's place! I saw a submarine once (well just the top of it) while on the bay bridge tunnel; I didn't know what it was at first, and finally figured it out, keeping one eye on the road, the other on the sub.

Marilyn said...

Yeah, the aircraft carriers are the 21st century battleships. Le sigh.

Your mom is one lucky lady (not only does she have you, she has a great view).

Love your pictures.