Monday, February 16, 2009

Go see this movie as soon as possible

This is one of the most powerfully moving films I have ever seen, and if you don't go see it before it leaves the theaters, your life will be diminished, misfortune will follow you, and you will suffer from unrelenting stupidity all the days of your life. Plus, you will have to settle for the DVD on your home television. THAT would be a shame.

The fact that Gran Torino was COMPLETELY overlooked by the Oscars is not only a travesty, but completely predictable for an industry who picks Benjamin Button (while an okay movie) over this one and thinks the latest installment of the Brad-Angelina-Jennifer saga is riveting news.

Hollywood, you disgust me.


Kelly J. said...

I can not agree more. We saw Gran Torino last month and I was upset that it did not get nominated for Best Picture. Clint was superb, as was the rest of the film. I was crying as I left the theater. No movie has ever made me do that!

Kathy said...

What is wrong with those ditzes on the west coast? BTW Kelly, I very much enjoy your blog.

Kelly J. said...


It must be the water on the West coast. No idea!

Also, I'm glad you like my blog! Thanks!!!