Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 20th is supposed to be winter, right?

Well, you'd never know it by living in my fair city this year. There were a couple of close calls, but alas, only a few wayward flakes flew by. On the other hand, my friends and family in North Carolina - south of me, SOUTH, below, closer to the equator - reaped the benefits of our close calls. Look at this from my sister just south of Chapel Hill...


I love those pictures. And this picture, shamelessly stolen from my friend Rosie's blog (she lives on the Outer Banks)...

I ask you, what business do those people have getting my snow? When I look around here, what do I see?

My daffodils, drooping because the damn temps can't decide whether to be up, down, up, down.

The crocuses are blooming, and I love this one with the milkweed seed pod that floated by for a visit and sparkled in the morning light.

These are blooming abso-stinkin-lutely everywhere.

This is my camellia, a winter flower. It should be the ONLY color I see the middle of February, thank you very much. And now it's cold again with the possibility of another close call for snow that we won't get. Those daffodils are toast.

So, on this cold, but snowless night, BS & I had the last of our chili deliciousness from last week, and I made a dip for some blue corn tortilla chips.

Chopped onions caramelizing in olive oil & butter.

Oops, wait a second........I had to wipe off the camera on account of I drooled on it.

Mix with sour cream, lime juice, chopped fresh cilantro (I still had a lot left over), finely shredded cheese, some hot sauce, and those chips won't know what hit them. I was pleasantly surprised, having just pulled it out of my a......uh......made it up on the spot. At first I thought I put in a little too much lime juice, but BS reassured me of its perfection by pronouncing "that shitz the bomb." I can always count on him to give it to me straight.

Look - doesn't that look like a mound of snow? What, no? Well, I really didn't think so either, but I'll take fluffy white stuff wherever I can get it.

And in keeping with the whole seafood theme, I put it in my favorite pottery bowl with the blue crab on it and . . . . . wait, there is no seafood theme? Man, I can't get anything right tonight, can I?

I love Friday.


Buckykatt said...

Ooooo, I want the dip.

Kathy said...

Sorry, I think it would be a little rank by the time it got there.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hey, go check out the snow on Marilyn's blog. I'm jealous.

Marilyn said...

I'll trade you my snow for some of your flowers.