Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Promise Is A Promise

Yesterday, while we all waited for our "weather event",
I told a certain someone that, if I could get out of my neighborhood,
I would come take him out in the snow.

Very blithly made promise.
See, most predictions of snowy doom don't pan out around here.
Plus, it was still sunny with nary a cloud in sight.
Even if it did snow, I love going out in it.
Especially in the car.

So, yeah, a "weather event" indeed.

(If you click on that picture & enlarge it, I got the tiny snowflakes too. Cool.)

I put 4 root beers out in the snow for later.
There's something very rustic & ski lodge-esque about using the snow as your personal fridge.
After a couple hours, I went to pull out a couple for BS & me and . . .

. . . huh?
It was the mailman!
That's okay. "through rain, sleet, snow or gloom of night . . ." and all that.
He sure got the snow & sleet today.
He deserves a treat.

I really should pack up & move to Buffalo, as much as I love snow.

I left myself a bit of an out in that promise yesterday.
I distinctly remember saying "If I can make it out of the neighborhood . . .",
so I waffled & vacillated & alternated & pondered.
Do I stay in my warm, toasty house?
Do I brave the elements & go back to the Home?
Do I tell him the roads were just too bad?
I spent a good couple of hours doing this,
but the thought of that hopeful face won the argument.
So, after a fruitless attempt to persuade BS to venture out with me -
"Mom, I used to live in Blacksburg. We got this every winter.
If I don't have to go out, I ain't going out", or something to that effect,
I got in the car & slid down the driveway.
It was still snowing, and the roads were terrible.

Very little had been plowed.
I really do like driving in it, though.
I just go very slow and I don't have a problem.
Unlike some of the other buttheads on the road.
I didn't get above 22 mph the whole way.
The trip took an extra 7 minutes.
Big whoop.

But it was worth it.
We bundled that boy in so many layers of clothes,
he was like that little kid in "A Christmas Story".

Normally, this kid is a human furnace and wants a fan blowing on him all the time.
Uh, not this afternoon.
When we got back in, he was still cold and wanted to sit
by his roommate's bed under the heat lamp.
With blankets.
It was a memorable moment,
and I'm sure his mom won't believe me without photographic evidence.

For those people who grumble & complain when it snows,
Just slow down and enjoy the gift.


Susanne said...

Holy smokes.....those pictures are AWESOME.....I had a smile on my face the whole time I was looking at them......he did not stop smiling....he had a ball....and I can't believe he was so cold that he was happy to get under the heating lamp.....Kathy you are an ANGEL....and I can not thank you enough for what you doing for the little man

Kathy said...

Aw, nonsense. He is worth it. You gave us an awesome kid.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

You are an extraordinary person.
Thank you.

ps What does agnalwar mean?
(My word verification)

Anonymous said...

Well done! Looks like everyone had a great time. We got about 5-6" of the fluffy stuff up here. Fluffy=easier to shovel. ;-)

dle said...

...The smile on his face is priceless ! Thanks so much for sharing the special time with him !!