Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Passed!

Remember the other day when I made the giant pot of soup?
The next day, guess what was for dinner?

Heated some up, sprinkled grated cheddar cheese, added a dollop of sour cream.
BS's comment?

"Mom, what do you put in this that makes it taste so good?"

I sure do love my wee bairn.
All 6'4" of him.


Sista G said...

So...what do you suppose was the single most secret ingredient that made him go gaga? Maybe swweet potato or cinnamon or cumin or chipotle?

nana said...

No, it was the sour cream!

Kathy said...

Naw, it was probably that sneeze that slipped out. ;-)

Sista G said...

The sneeze - yeah, that's it!!