Sunday, January 3, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Although that might be debatable.

I realized I forgot to post about our cookie baking this year.
Although I can't match Rosie's 47 day baking marathon,
which culminated in this.

Went to my mother's the Monday before Christmas & did 4 kinds in one afternoon.
Same 4 kinds we did last year.
We used the same obscene amount of butter.
(NO margarine or shortening, thank you.)
Cookies looked the same.
The Christmas tree looked the same.
In fact . . .

Just click here for the original airing.

HA! Is that cheating or what?

Oh okay, you want to see the identical results?
I actually didn't use the tree as a backdrop this year.
I used her display of crystal trees.
They sparkle.
I like sparkle.
I am simple that way.

The differences this year?

I think we used even more chocolate on the Toffee Squares this year.
If that's possible.

The scenery wasn't quite as pretty.
It's been rainy & foggy this winter.
Last year the Lynnhaven pier was intact under crystal blue skies.
This year it was broken under gray skies.

Lynnhaven Fishing Pier Dec '08

Lynnhaven Fishing Pier Dec '09

If you build it, he (a big storm) will come (& knock it down).

Anyway, we used our trusty Mouli grinder for the nuts,
as we have done practically since I was born.
It grinds them to perfection.
No big hunks, and makes for a very tender crumb.

And I love to watch butter creaming in a Sunbeam Mixmaster.
Much more fun than in a KitchenAid

By the way, the cookies are all gone.


barefootbythesea said...

I like sparkles, too. Such pretty trees!

xmaskatie said...

I'd forgotten that my mother had some of those trees too. So pretty, and the cookies look great. Thanks for making me smile.

Kathy said...

Back in the day, she put tealights scattered in the trees. Caused a riot of twinkle.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

What?!!? You didn't save me any cookies??

I like the sparkle too.

Your Brother said...

Noone told me you made cookies, and then no one thought to say, here, Michael, have a cookie!

Sista G said...

Aw come on Michael - you should have the image of cookie tins on the counter ingrained in your li'l punkin' head. Your cookie tin radar should have been beeping fast each time you were at mom's!!