Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Last Things About The Bahamas . . .

. . . and then it will be over, I promise.
But there are a couple more things that struck me about our resort.


They were everywhere.

On the beach.

In the pool (seriously).

Divebombing you if they smelled bread scraps, as one of my companions discovered.


I think I mentioned before that during most of our stay, it was blowing a steady 30 mph with overcast skies, sometimes showers.
These pictures were taken on one of the nicer days.

Did you notice that umbrella with the scarves hanging from it in the last picture?
Some local ladies would take turns at that umbrella and set up their wares to sell to the hotel guests.
I guess they figure they have a captive audience. And they do a pretty good business there.
That picture as taken during a rogue calm moment. Usually, the scarves looked like this:


What can I say - the scenery was, uh, terrific ;-)

2 last things:
this sign in a fitting room in a tourist store in downtown Nassau:

Makes me wonder what happened there to necessitate that warning.
Well, let me take that back, because obviously we know what happened.

And it seems some things, no matter what country you are in, never change.

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Anonymous said...

Where's the sunrise shot? Or at least a sunset! Work that camera early and late. Have a happy, long weekend. We're off to a Williamsburg water park/kiddie paradise with the grandkids.