Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gesundheit Day 3 - Clowning Around & Goodbyes

Sunday dawned bright & clear. A gorgeous day. Good for pictures.
But first, after breakfast, we sprinted for the costume closet in the workshop.

See us leisurely sprinting?
(and look at that light!)

photo by Anne

photo by Soozi

Some came with preliminary accessories.

Raiding the costume closet is buckets of fun, 'cause the goofier, the better.

photo by Anne

photo by ?

These are our hosts:

And the whole bunch:

photo by Elise

They (not me - I'd never do anything like that!) even tried to turn the dog into a clown,
with less than satisfying results.

photo by Anne

After our clown session, a group went off to hike up the mountain.
I didn't go because my leg still hurt.
*sniffle, whine*
I want sympathy.

But they found this cool-as-all treehouse:

photo by Anne

Back at the ranch, Elise (Mrs. Adams) came across a mouse in the library
(told you the mice enjoyed the library)
that had eaten some rat poison. She and Miera tried to nurse it back to health,
but, rat poison being what it is, that night he went to the big cheese in the sky.

This picture is now Elisa's profile picture on Facebook. Heh.

I also let their 4-year old daughter paint my fingernails. Cosmo quality, wouldn't you say?

But, as with most good things, they must end sooner or later, and ours ended sooner.
From left to right:
Caleb (volunteer)
Elisa (Wildman's wife)
Miera (volunteer)
Anya (sp? - volunteer)
Wonderful people all. We will miss them.

And doncha know? Only a couple hours down the road, we needed some MEAT!
So we stopped & tore through some burgers like rabid hyenas. Oh my, they tasted good.
Burp . . .

Now, I will leave you with some of the scenery we were forced to gaze at during the weekend.
The sacrifices we make.

The creek, before & after the rain:

And finally, from the trip home. You gotta love the Appalachians!

photo by Soozi

So, it's like, over a week later, and the color on my leg is finally fading.
Although now, every once in awhile, it feels like bugs are crawling on the spot that hit.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I miss the mountains.
Lovely pictures.

nana said...

Me too Rosie!

s said...

I love the treehouse and mikweed pictures the best! And your nails looked so marvelous after the outstanding polish job!

Sista G said...

That last comment was me - I clicked on the wrong name!!