Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Did I End Up Here?

Really, how?

Every year for the past lots of years, some of my co-workers have taken themselves to a lush tropical paradise for a long weekend when the chill winds start to blow around here. I've heard stories about these trips. Cancun, Jamaica, Freeport, and this year is was Nassau, in the Bahamas. A small group this time, with just 3 of them, but at the last minute, one of them couldn't go.

Aww, gee, I guess I could take her place. I've never been to a lush tropical paradise.
It was on my bucket list, so I had to go, doncha know?

Let me tell you, it was bound to be a wild ride
if what happened before we even got off the ground was any indication.

DR & SJ were my companions for this trip, and SJ doesn't like to fly. Seriously doesn't like to fly.
She requires fortification for the flight with sufficient quantities of wine.
Even if the plane leaves at 6:50 am.

I got to the airport at the appointed time, and looked around
no sign of them
checked my suitcase & looked around again
no sign of them
went upstairs to security & looked around
no sign of them
took my shoes off & put by carry-ons through the big machine & looked around
no sign of them
didn't get frisked this time & looked around
no sign of them
walked to the gate & looked around
no sign of them
went to the bar next door & looked around
no sign of them
walked back to security & looked around
no sign of them
asked the nice man at the gate if they had checked in
he said yes
walked back to security & looked around
no sign of them
asked the nice man at the gate if they had checked their bags yet
(they could have checked in online)
he said yes (well, at least they're here somewhere)
"Now boarding Flight XYZ to Charlotte"
no sign of them
everyone else gets on the plane
no sign of them
I'm the last one at the gate - I'm not missing my plane dammit
no sign of them
I get on the plane & take my seat in the back row
no sign of them
"Attention passengers. Please take your seats as we prepare to pull away from the terminal."
clunk goes the door closing
no sign of them
clunk goes the door opening
DR & SJ careen around the corner and flop into their seats

Wouldn't you know, I looked in the wrong bar.
And because I had asked for them a couple of times,
the airline paged them when time was running out.
I was all set to have a good time all by myself.

A small bus from the hotel picked us & all the other vacationers up at the airport and drove
(on the wrong side of the road, thank you very much)
to the all-inclusive resort right on the beach.

The nice people who were everywhere to help you with whatever.

And wouldn't you know, the first thing I noticed about the hotel when we walked in was the floor.

But then, my attention was soon completely distracted by this lovely sight
bearing a welcome of frooty libations.

And some weird statue-like thing.

Our room (and the all-important bathroom. Sista G understands this):

The whole lobby area, and indeed most of that floor in the common areas is open air.
If you walk straight back from the lobby to the back of the building and step out to the balcony,
THIS is what you see - your first sight of the aqua blue sea.

Now, I want you to notice something.
Look at the clouds.
The outer bands of Ike.
They were there on Thursday (the day we got there), Friday, Saturday,
and a good part of Sunday.

It was relatively cool, as evidenced by people, including Bahamians (who were downright cold at times),
walking around in sweats & hoodies & things to ward off the chill . . .

And lastly, I want you to see the, uh, I can't call them breezes (like the name of the hotel).
It was WIND.
Gale force winds at a steady 30 mph.
Blowing you sideways.
For 4 days.

This poor tree was blowing to the side the whole time we were there.
It didn't fluff out once.

But, really, what a nice sight, right?

Stay tuned.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

That gives me an idea. Imonna have Mr. Hawthorne drape himself in a sheet and serve drinks to me.

Sista G said...

Ah, yes - it must have had the woosh factor! Can't wait to hear your hair-raising tale!