Thursday, January 22, 2009

United Nations

Just imagine! All you have to do is put a dirty word on your blog, and people come a runnin'. Between the post with the pictures of the
b**bs and the post titled (and labeled)....||||ahem||||....p**n blog, I am making new friends from llllliterally EVERYWHERE!!!

At last look, this includes:
Ontario, Canada (where the air smells like maple syrup - seriously, BS & I smelled it)
Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, China (here's where I talked about that)
Montevideo, the capital & largest city in Uruguay
Caracas, the capital & largest city in Venezuela
Berlin, the capital of Germany
Marghita, Bihor , in Transylvania, Romania (whoo-hoo, Dracula is reading my blog!)

I would have LOVED to see the looks of disappointment on their faces.

So this got me to thinking, hmmmmm, I think I will Google 'p**n blog' to see haw they found me. The first 10 pages worth of Google results, and I don't see my humble page anywhere. So I put "quote" marks around my search........ 10 pages of that and nothing again. I only went through 10 pages because more than that started to feel creepy.

But looky looky look at all the other places that have been taking a peek. This is very exciting to me.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

OK, How did you get the Google map with all the pushy pins in it?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And Russ's OBX Journal link is working now. What did you do?

Kathy said...

I used my magic, Rosie, for all of it.

Russ said...

Well, I for one am PO'd. I Googled "Hot porn chicks of Hampton Roads", was led to your site, and found q blog on slide rules and the inability to link to my site. I demand at least SOME salacious material!

Kathy said...

Russ, you are just too funny when you're drunk.