Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More clearing out

Yesterday was a good day.

BS & I worked on cleaning out the garage and attic.
We really did get a lot accomplished, and today,
after I met him for lunch and treated him to a family sized burrito at Qdoba
(seriously, one of those could feed 10 starving orphans),
BS continued the fun - after he got another one for his afternoon snack.
He stopped at the store and got some bug bombs to blow up in the attic,
but first he put on his dust mask and vacuumed out the whole thing.

Better him than me.

Hearing him up there brought back chilling memories of the raccoon invasion of yore.

This type of fun activity will continue through the week.


But it is a necessary evil to be endured to get the crap out of my house.
Because peace of mind is a big fat goal for my new year.

Not that I want my house to look like this...

Some of my crap is nice crap, and I'll keep it.

ps - as you can see by the date & time of this post, it is now tomorrow,
but I started writing it yesterday,
so the yesterday I mentioned was really Monday.
Yeah, that explains it nicely.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

So when BS finishes up your attic, can you send him down here to work on my shed, utility room, and garage?
I will feed him heartily for his services. And you can come with him and I will ply you with margaritas.

BS said...

haha I'm in