Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sometimes grown children living at home are a pain in the ass.

Oh my gosh, did I type that out loud? I didn't mean it, really.

Well, maybe a little.

Here's the deal. You know I am not a mover & shaker in the kitchen, but I have been getting more cooking cravings lately, and I had one today. I had taken a turkey tenderloin out of the freezer a couple days ago, and I figured it was thawed out by now - in the fridge. I didn't leave it out on the counter for 2 days. Ewwww.

I'm thinking oven-fried cutlets with marinara and whole wheat angel hair. Topped with cheese. With a little cheese on the side. And a cheese garnish.

So, this morning I tell BS of my cooking plans for dinner, and he says "Ooh, that sounds good."

Silly me. I took that to mean he would put it in his mouth. HA!

I took the tenderloin out of the fridge and noticed that it was applewood smoked, so I decided a change of menu was in order. I didn't really think applewood smoked matched real well with Eye-talian, so I did something different. I sliced the tenderloins and dipped them in a mixture of egg white mixed with some of what is possibly my favorite condiment in the world.

Then they got dredged in seasoned whole wheat panko . . . . . . . .

I'll pause while you groan & make a face at 2 (count 'em - 2) mentions of those "whole wheat" words. I know how you hate that.

. . . . . . . panko crumbs and baked in the oven. These were very good. Flavorful & crunchy from the panko. I served them with a simple dipping sauce made of ranch dressing (NOT homemade, sorry Rosie) mixed with what is possibly my favorite condiment in the world.

Wait a minute, that's 2 favorite condiments. Fooled you! I have trouble picking favorite things. There's just too much good stuff to choose from. But, THIS is heavenly - sweet, spicy, and only available in Texas. Damn. When it's gone, I'll just have to visit the Texas cousins again so I can go to Central Market and get some more.

Anyway, these were really good.

And I made up a salad of baby spinach & romaine topped with toasted & sugared pecans (which I did in the oven), cranberries, caramelized onion (cooled), sliced cucumber (which didn't make it into the picture), and crumbled blue cheese. Topped it with a vinaigrette, and . . .

Oh. Someone, please hold me back. This salad was so good I wanted to eat all of it.

So, anyway, the food is getting prepared. The clock keeps ticking by. BS had to work today (his hours are crazy), but based on his comment this morning, I kinda sorta expected him for dinner.

6 o'clock came & went.

7 o'clock came & went.

I call him on his cell.

No answer.

I'm hungry. I eat.

He calls back.

"Mom, saying it sounded good didn't mean I was going to eat it."

Okay, that was so NOT how I envisioned this whole dinner thing playing out.
Just who does he think he is anyway?
An adult who can come and go as he pleases?
Who can choose what he wants to do?
Who doesn't have to answer to his mommy any more?
The nerve!

Lessons learned:
For me - life would be easier if I made sure that what I heard & what he said was really the same thing.
For me - paying attention to the camera would make for better pictures.
For BS - he can make his own damn dinner.

Now, you know I don't mean that. At least I won't tomorrow.
Tonight? I get to stew some more.
The leftovers (a LOT of leftovers) will keep.


BS said...

MMMMMMmmmmm Stew sounds good! when are you gonna make some stew??

Kathy said...

Yeah, right. Maybe if you are standing right next to me, making it with me, with your bowl in hand.

But YAY for making a comment on my blog. That makes yo momma happy.

Anonymous said...

You can come up here, visit, and cook for us - we'll eat it! Or we can take you out for dinner. Hell, I'll even spring for you to get the super-sized meal! ;-)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

"Sometimes grown children living at home are a pain in the ass."

Multiply that by 3 and throw in 3 dogs in the mix. Take some valium and call me in the morning. We'll talk.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

Looks good!

You can buy the Raspberry Peach Chipotle Glaze online. Free shipping if you buy $50 worth of stuff from Fredericksburg Farms. Maybe you and Rosie could share an order to get the free shipping?

Kathy said...

RAD - you're all heart.

Hairball - you mean that would be more financially responsible than shelling out a few hundred for a plane ticket? Rats.

Hairball T. Hairball said...


baby names said...

It definitely *can* be a "pain in the ass"... it's a whole new world trying to figure out how to communicate with kids once they're not really kids anymore. If you need some help dealing with your frustration, you might want to check out our blog:
Good luck!

Sista G said...

They get only mildly less annoying when they go out and "live on their own"!! Definitely a good lesson learned about mkaing sure what is heard is actually what was said!