Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Visit From My Sister, Part Deux

I have 2 sisters, but, much to my dismay, neither one lives near enough for the occasional call saying, "I'm bored. You want to go to the movies?", or "Did you hear what Susie said about Johnny today in homeroom because it was like just sooooo mean and I think Sally is way smart to like totally diss her....."

Okay, we really don't talk like that, but when the siblings get together (brother included), we have a tendency to revert, much to my mother's disgust & dismay.

So when one of them visits & stays with my mom, I rush on over so we can have a big, goofy sleepover. Oldest sister (Nana) visited in January, & Sista G (frequent commenter on my blog) came this weekend with her husband. We played, we frolicked, we sang, we danced.

Okay, not really, but we had a good ol' time. A night at the movies (The Taking of Pelham 123 - very exciting), seafood 2 nights in a row, teasing my mother, what could be better?

In keeping with the picture of oldest sister in January, here is middle sister & BIL (brother-in-law):

BIL pouted that I didn't get his best side, so . . .

During some of the mind-numbing fun we were having, we happened upon this store . . .

. . . at the beach. It, uh, definitely lives up to it's name, but I wonder about the people who eventually will buy some of this stuff (if they ever do) . . .

(Now, about that guy on the right, "Is that a drum you're beating or are you just happy to see me?")

And lastly, I found this one truly disturbing. Seriously.
Why would anyone want to hang this anywhere?

While they were here, the wind was kicking up something fierce.
Looking out from my mother's hovel on the bay, it is usually calm as a bathtub, like this:

Not so today. The surf was so rough, it looked more like the ocean.
Why, if one opened one's windows and closed one's eyes when one went to bed,
one might have been fooled into thinking that it was the Atlantic ocean lulling them to sleep by making all that noise.

I love nature pictures. Can you tell?
Ooh ooh, and I tried some video on my camera at last, after owning it for 3 years.
Now let's see if I can figure out how to upload it.
[Ducking tomatoes thrown by certain person(s)]

Lesson learned: reading the owner's manual & actually learning to use all my camera's features might be an intelligent thing to do.

**sniff. Come back soon, either or both sisters. sniff**


Rosie Hawthorne said...

About that guy on the right - could he be sporting a koteka?

And he looks very similar to a bunch of figurines I inherited.

That shop would give me nightmares.

What a burden on your poor dear mother to have to live right there with the pounding surf.

Sista G said...

Well...we did everything but dance!! It was a marvelous visit - I did pay your short videos with complete success!

**sniff - you can come here, too, sniff**


Russ said...

Wow, those waves are so huge one might actually be unable to float on one of those chaise lounge sized floats. And, for surfing, only a short board could handle those rips and curls. Long boarders would surely die.