Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goodbye Matthew

Matthew came to St. Mary's when he was just a very little boy,
and he stayed with us until he turned 21.
Just a couple months ago, he moved to an adult facility.

When our kids leave the Home, we want to keep in touch.
We want to know how they are doing, just as if they were our own kids.

A couple days ago, we received the message that Matty had moved again,
This time into the arms of the angels.

Somewhere a journey begins at the end
of the worldly existence we know,
Somewhere a path stretches over the stars,
and rivers of memories flow.
Somewhere a silence is heard far away,
and the brightness of day fills the night,
Where the trials of life are resolved into
peace when a soul finds it’s way to the

ps - I did not write the poem. It was brazenly stolen from a greeting card.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Rest In Peace, Dear Matthew.
Bless you for what you do, Kathy.

Sista G said...

So sorry to hear this kind of news - especially for you, who knew Matthew. Do you know what took his life, so soon after leaving St. Mary's, where he had been in the same state for so long? That's a little disconcerting, and seems to be a testament to the high degree of care at St. May's that may not be present elsewhere...