Saturday, November 8, 2008

There was great excitement at my workplace on Wednesday. Bruce Smith, football legend extraordinaire, visited the Kid. And look, in that last link, right there for all the world to see, is the Kid's name and his picture, so I guess I don't have to be so secretive after all. Whoo-hoo! No more worries that I will slip up somehow.

I called BS to let him know, since Bruce Smith is da bomb, and he came on over to meet him also. There was a reporter from the paper, so a bitty little story will run in the biweekly insert in another week or so. I swear, there were a whole lotta females there that were positively giddy at his presence. (Bruce Smith's, not BS's, although, hey, they have the same initials. Coincidence?) Since you have seen a picture, I'll put in a couple more of mine.

All the paraphernalia that Brandon wanted Bruce to sign.

He was gracious and kind to all, especially all the kids he met that day. He had heard that Brandon was a big Hokies Fan and had been to 2 home games in Blacksburg..... he arranged for the visit. A real class act and nice guy. This next picture is my favorite picture of all, Brandon & BS - my 2 boys. BS does not know I have put this picture up as he is asleep while I am doing this, but I will ask him in the morning, and if he squawks about it, I'll have to take it down. But for now, here it is:

Everything was going swimmingly until BS opened his big trap. He told Brandon that he was getting ready to drive to Blacksburg to go to the game on Thursday night, so Brandon should look for him in the stadium, ha ha. You see, he was operating under the erroneous assumption that Brandon could lounge in his bed and watch the game on his own TV. He does have a TV in his room that he watches videos on (and BS has given him some good ones to watch), but it is not hooked up to cable. Of course, no sooner were the words out of BS's mouth, still hovering in the air over our heads, than Brandon whipped his head around to look at me. A prolonged awkward silence ensued. Great. Thanks a lot, BS. I KNEW what he wanted. And he knew I couldn't say no. He wanted to know if I was going to come back to work the next night and watch the game with him. That is the only time he gets to see them, so how could I refuse? I gave BS the stink-eye and told Brandon OK. Not what I had planned on doing on a school (for Brandon) / work (for me) night. I had planned a bike ride. Honest, that's what I was going to do. After we left Brandon's room, I gave BS the business. "Oh, I'm sorry, Mom. I thought he was going to watch it in his room."

Remember a couple weeks back when
BS came with me on a Saturday to watch the game with Brandon, in the EMPLOYEE BREAK ROOM? I think that should have clued him in, but it is now evident that my own spawn is not one of my 3 faithful readers. Humph. This is the scenario in the break room:

See how high up the TV is. I can tilt Brandon's wheelchair back, but I have to sit and crane my neck up to see the screen. Cue teeny violin. Then it rained all day Friday and half of Saturday, so I did 10 miles on the stationary bike Saturday afternoon instead. No sooner had I finished than the sun came out and a beautiful day appeared. No fresh air, my neck still hurt, and now my butt hurts too. I see you out there wiping away a sympathetic tear. Uh huh, I sure do.

At least there was a good evening at the end of it. BS & I drove to my mom's for prime rib and peppermint ice cream. Afterwards we watched "Roman Holiday", great old Audrey Hepburn/Gregory Peck classic. And I ran up & down her 10 flights of stairs. All in all, a good few days.

Oh, and I think my pants are feeling just the teeniest bit looser. Or maybe that's because I just had a nice big belch?

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