Friday, November 14, 2008


Something that should be on everyone's Bucket List is finding opportunities to bellylaugh whenever they can. Laughing is your friend. It releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, exercises your lungs, and boosts your immune system. It can even tone facial and abdominal muscles. Keeps you young. No, really. See.

So, this evening, BS & I took the opportunity and laughed our arses off. Loudly. Raucously. With abandon. With about a thousand other people. A friend had bought tickets to
Spamalot but couldn't use them, so I bought them from her for a good price. Drove downtown to the theater and found our seats to be in the stratosphere - 1 row from the ceiling. We chuckled about that with the few others up there, so when the usher told us it wasn't sold out and that there would be ample empty seats up in the clouds, we all dashed down to the front row of our topmost balcony. There develops a camaraderie between the unfortunate denizens of the nosebleed seats, so we had a good ol' time up there with our new friends. After all, any fan of Monty Python is a friend of mine, and the musical chairs we were playing only added to the atmosphere of joie de vivre.

The show was terrific. A well-developed sense of silliness has always been high on my list of desirable attributes, and these people have it in spades.

I really wanted the can of Spam, but somehow $10 for potted meat seemed a bit extravagant, especially since even the discounted nosebleed seats were pretty pricey. I did, however, get the hand puppet of the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on. After all, I work in a pediatric facility, so I needed it for the kids, right? Yeah, that's it.

Tomorrow morning, I will put some new batteries in the camera and take a picture of him.

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