Monday, July 13, 2009

He Gave Me Permission - Really (edited for clarification)

See, here's the thing.

On my last post, I put some of my favorites of the pictures I have taken that (I think)
show the exceptionally fine qualities of my li'l camera.
;-) to Russ & RAD

For example, there was a picture taken at the International Tattoo.
I have no sentimental attachment to that picture.
The only reason that picture was included is because the shutter caught the sparks very nicely, IMHO.

So, they weren't necessarily MY favorite pictures (although some most definitely were),
but there was some quality about the picture I liked - light, close-up, that sort of thing.

I had to leave out some of MY favorites,
simply because I did not have the permission of the subject to post them on my blog for all the world to see.

So, this morning BS asks me if I still had a certain picture from our cross-country road trip 3 years ago. Duh! Of course I do. I ended up copying a whole folder of pictures to his flash drive so he could have them too. The one he was specifically asking about was taken at the Grand Canyon. The unfortunate thing about this particular picture is that it was his BM (that's me - beloved mother) who requested & set up this particular shot.

Sadly, my siblings & I have never been known for being any kind of a good influence on young, impressionable minds.
All our kids will attest to that.

My mother sighs in long-suffering resignation.

The reason that BS wanted this particular picture is that he made it his new profile picture on his Facebook page.
For all the world to see.

BUSTED! Now I get to show it to you, along with another proud moment from that trip
(during our peek into Canada, the land where the air smells of maple syrup).

He told me I could, really.

These were taken when he was still a handsome long-haired hippie freak.
He is now the handsome short-haired hippie freak you saw in my last post.

I think the pictures need no captions, but you may want to click on them to enlarge them so you can note some of the details.

About this last one - he had just used the ATM machine behind him and was holding his credit card between his fingers, which,
because of the angle, totally looks like something else, I know. He was NOT a patron of that particular business establishment.
Just wanted you to know that.

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Russ said...

I bet those folks on the mule trips down below would love to meet BS!! Strangely, I did a milder version when I was there (spitting), but Rose was more concerned because I had climbed the restraining wall to get to the edge than she was with my manners.