Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Space, the Final Frontier

See this movie poster? It says the movie opens on May 8th (not to be confused with May the Fourth - see previous groaner post).

Yeah, it may say May 8th, but BS & I were among a theater-full of people who saw it LAST NIGHT!! Mwwaaahhhahahahah.

How, you are wondering, did we pull off such a coup?

Wednesday night, BS went out with my brother to play poker. One of the local radio stations was sponsoring a poker game for a few prize packages, and these tickets for an advance screening were in the bundle. Does that mean he won? Naw. He got them just for being a nice guy.


Well, as it turns out, he was winning at his table. Winning. Not money, but chips, as they weren't playing for money. There he sits, with a big ol' pile of chips in front of him, and he gets tired of it. So he drops out of the game and divvies up his chips amongst the 2 other guys at his table, who, with the added bonus of his chip infusion, go on to be 2 of the 3 big winners. To thank him for being such a good guy, they let him choose something out of the prize pot, so he got the tickets. Whoo-hoo!!

I was disturbingly giddy with excitement ALL DAY yesterday waiting for 7:30 pm. Seriously. It became annoying to my poor coworkers. I really am such a geek.

A whole theater full of Star Trek fans, who even clapped at a few select spots. I admit to being an overt theater clapper. If I like a movie, I will clap at the end, and sometimes, if I'm lucky, I can get a chain reaction started and a bunch of people will join in. I think many of you are closet clappers, you just need someone to get it started. Yeah, that's it.

Ooh, ooh, and there were the requisite whole bunch of Trekkies dressed in their full Starfleet & Klingon regalia, trying to recruit new members for their little club. I'm trying to think of complimentary things to say about this group. Uhhhh, they are very sincere and enthusiastic about what they do. And entertaining to watch. How's that? I think you can visualize this, so I'm not saying any more.

If you have any affection at all for the original Star Trek series, go see this movie. Of all the original characters, I think the one who best caught the spirit of his original character was the one who played 'Bones', IMHO (Sista G, that would be 'in my humble opinion').

Oh, they also gave out souvenirs - posters, stickers & cups. And yes, little brother, we got you some.

So . . . . . . . .

Go see it.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Kathy, I'm willing to bet you're a Kloset Klingon.

Live long and prosper.

Busty Boomer (aka Kathy) said...

Nope, no kloset Klingon here. I'm very selective about my Star Trek affections. Original series - yes. Next Generation - yes, movies - yes, Enterprise (series) - yes. The other oddball spinoffs - no. Star Trek conventions - no.

And yes Sista G, I can do the Vulcan hand symbol.

Marilyn said...

Aaagh! I'm so jealous. And here I am trying to figure out when I can get to see this movie (while my darling daughter says to just wait for the Five Dollar Club deals to kick in at our local movie theater. I think not, dear daughter!)

So no spoilers, but is it worth it?

Busty Boomer (aka Kathy) said...

Is it worth it? Dude, it's Star Trek!

Sister G said...

So...who'da thunk - Spock and...?

Yes, it was definitely worth it!

Busty Boomer (aka Kathy) said...

And it opens up a whole new world of sequel possibilities. Whoo-hoo!! Brother dearest says there are 2 sequels already in the works.