Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goin' to Joe's

You know, if I had ended up moving to Texas, I am pretty sure I would behaved like a fool. Sigh. This means I won't have Central Market in my back yard, which have would filled my life with joy (Central Market, you complete me). So I'll have to settle for second best - our new Trader Joe's.

Wait, that sounded unkind. It's not Joe's fault that he isn't Central Market, but, seriously people, it's worth a plane ticket to Texas & the necessary car rental. Well, almost. I guess that would be pretty certifiable - spend a few hundred dollars to go grocery shopping. But if you are EVER in one of the major cities in Texas, EVER, make a point to go. It will make you happy.

I might have to find another excuse to visit my cool cousins again.

Anyway, Virginia Beach is the proud host to a shiny new Trader Joe's, and I went there yesterday. It was like a little vacation. I think even Buckykatt would be pleasantly surprised at their cheese section for such a small store.

They have a good selection of their own branded products, many of which have a blessedly short list of ingredients. And at very reasonable prices for the natural foods niche. My loyal readers on the Outer Banks should pay us a visit.

Even avoiding the frozen section (because I wasn't going straight home), I did manage to fill up my 2 reusable Trader Joe's bags with things I certainly could have lived without. One of those things will be on the menu for breakfast tomorrow, so I will tell you about it then. Bated breath, folks.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

There's an Asian market up in your area that Mr. Hawthorne has raved about and wants to take me to. I'll put this one on the list too.
I love a good food place.

Sista G said...

You guys in the big city get everything - we are lucky just to have Fresh Market!!