Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soy Milk (is that what baby soybeans drink?)

Seriously, whenever I hear the words "soy milk", I hear Lewis Black in my head.
And I start laughing.
"It's not soy milk, it's soy joose."

**Warning - video has bad words in it**

**Warning - if you don't mind the bad words and watch it anyway, you might laugh so hard your breathing will be compromised and you may fall out of your chair and hit your head, sustaining potentially serious bodily injury. I am not responsible for this**

The section about soy milk starts at 1:50 and runs through 3:02
(although the rest of it - a rant about bottled water - is worth listening too as well.

I bought some vanilla soy joose the other day, and as I was standing in front of the milk section, I laughed out loud.
People stared. Oh well.

Why did I buy vanilla soy joose?
I will do unexplainable things sometimes,
and I thought about using it for cereal & fruit shakes.
I have discovered that it is okay for either,
but eminently more tolerable if cut half & half with moo cow milk.


Russ said...

I find the "Silk" brand to be pretty good, especially in cereal.

Sista G said...

That is hilarious, and his rants are so true - hubby and I lament about the excesses of bottled water all the time! I also loved his no whining clip you sent us a while back!

Kathy said...

"Vanilla Silk" is what I got. It's fine on cereal & in shakes, but it's just not moo cow fuck milk.