Thursday, July 12, 2012



After my last post of whining about not having enough "me time",
being the imminently fair-minded person I am,
I figured that "together time" warranted some equal billing,
even though it  sounds nauseatingly corny.

I have a hopeless case of wanderlust.
I live to travel.
I work to travel.
I travel for work.
I travel for fun.
And even though my job affords lots of travel within Virginia & DC,
I don't have a lot of free daylight hours to go see everything I want to see.
It's better than nuthin' though.
Problem is, I want someone else there with me.
Someone I can elbow in the ribs and say "Ooo, looky looky!"

And NOW?!
Now I have M&M, who loves to travel as much as I do,
and it's a whole lotta fun to look at the maps to see where we want to go next...

"Oh look, hotel prices are dirt cheap at the Jalalabad Marriott. We can use your Rewards card!"
"Well, I kinda had my heart set on the world's largest ball of string next."

See? So many choices!

Next is Boone/Blowing Rock/Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.
We each have independent good memories of the place.
Time to make some of our own.

"You want me to climb all the way up where??? Are you nuts?"
"C'mon, the sun will be coming up soon. The day is half gone already!"
 "It's WHAT:30 in the morning???? "

That's a pretty much my typical expression in the morning.
But I kid.
I have nothing against getting up early...
when I can see something like this.

But, later that day...

"Oh my gosh, I have to pee!! Where is the nearest bathroom?"
"What do you mean you have to go? You just went an hour ago."
"I'M OLD!"
"Dumplin', we're 3 miles from the ranger station."

If I had different gonads, this would not be a problem.

BS having his "ahhh" moment at the Grand Canyon. He put it up on Facebook, so he can't complain if I put it here, right?

I need to remember to pack my GoGirlTM.
I will, of course, bring a flower with me for that whiff of freshness.

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