Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nurturing The Spirit

Our kids have a lot of physical problems - more than any of us will ever experience - yet they remain generally cheerful and happy. It's amazing, especially for those who don't really have cognitive deficits to go along with their physical limitations, how they stay so upbeat in spite of the mountains they face every day. I believe it is a testament to the strength of their spirits.

We take care of their bodies, and we do it really well. We also love them to pieces, and they know it. But there is another side to our kids, and to anyone living in a residential care facility, indeed to all of us, that tends to get overlooked in caring for the overwhelming physical problems - their spiritual side. They have the same need to reach out; to seek something bigger than themselves. Something to feed their souls. Something to give them hope & comfort in the night when they are surrounded by medicines and machines.

Brandon went to Easter church services with one of my co-workers, and he has been asking to go again ever since. Well, we finally found a weekend when everyone was available. Then he decided that he wanted to share the wealth, so he asked some if some of his friends could go along. So now we snowballed from a mildly complicated outing for one (as it always is with our guys) into somewhat major undertaking with 4 kids, 5 adults, 1 spouse for any needed manual labor, 1 big bus (that I drove), a suitcase full of accouterments, and a boatload of optimism.

But, holy COW it was hot work getting them all loaded & unloaded!

First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk welcomed our interesting little group with open arms. We attended the contemporary service at 9:30 which takes place in a new addition behind the beautiful old church. The service was uplifting and full of music. I think I can speak for the kids in saying it meant a lot to them.

Oh, but just look where the 11:00 service is held:

I'm a big fan of Gothic architecture.

Many thanks to Jennifer, Diana, Danyell, Terry, Mr. Terry, and Cline for making Brandon's wish a reality.


Anonymous said...

You guys are doing wonderful work. Don't go all humble on us - you know it's true. Bravo!

On a completely unrelated issue, your photos are getting even better. Backlit stained glass is difficult to get right.

Kathy said...

Ha RAD! Small point & shoot set on ... hmmm . . . what was it set on?

Kathy said...

But thank you for the kind words.