Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Al Gore would be so pleased . . .

Because, you see, I have irrefutable proof that he has been right all along.
Really, I do.

See these two kinds of trees?
First is Lagerstroemia, aka Crepe Myrtle.
Lovely lilac-esque flower clusters in all shades of pink, purple, and white.
When it blooms, it totally redeems itself for it's winter & spring bald branch ugliness.
When it blooms, it is a glorious profusion of color.

Then there's this tree - Albizia Julibrissin, aka Mimosa, or Powder Puff Tree.
They grow everywhere around here.
Everywhere, especially wild along the roadways.
The scent is sweet & heady.
The flowers come in all shades of pink.
The leaves look like ferns.

So what about these trees?
The thing is, they usually bloom mid-to-late summer.
It is something to look forward to after the spring flowers and azaleas wither away
and the brown grass of a hot, muggy summer sets in.
But noo-ho-ho-ho. Not this year.
These idiots started blooming at the end of May,
still technically in the spring.
What the heck?
It's Global Warming, I tell ya!
Gotta be.
What else would explain it?
Al Gore would be so pleased at this concrete & corroborating evidence.

1 comment:

Sista G said...

I know the Crepe Myrtles (of Salamasond) don't bloom until later, but my mimosas always get their Hawaii-smellin' puffs in early June - the same time as the fireflies. They sure do smell good!!

My word was midex - sounds like a new hybrid feminine product - :)!