Sunday, May 2, 2010

Surrounded By My Boys . . .

. . . which is, of course, one of my favorite places to be.

Now that the Home is off the H1N1 restrictions, we can take the kids out again.
And Brandon has had cabin fever.
Big time.

We have already gone to the movies to see his beloved Miley Cyrus in her newest flick.
BS went along too.
It's better if I have someone else with me when I take Brandon out.
Just in case, you know.

It was the 2nd time seeing this movie for him.
He had already gone with his family to see it, and I was told they ALL cried.
But, since he wants to see it 53 times, we have a few more to go.
Doofus spent most of the movie looking over at us to see if we were crying yet.
Laughing at us.
NOT using his inside voice.
Making me "ssshhhhh" him a lot.
And yes, both BS & I got a little misty.
Good movie.

This afternoon, just to get him out again, the HandiRide bus dropped us off at my house
to veg out on the couch & watch more movies & eat junk,
or in Brandon's case, get little licks of junk.

I had to do a little preplanning to get him in the house.
Interesting procedure, getting him out of his chair & up the front steps.
We baby-stepped our way up & in the house & plopped him down
on the already-reclined-couch with no mishaps.
Didn't drop him on his head once.
The chair stayed outside, since we had no use for it in the house,
and I was sure no one would steal it.
It's a safe neighborhood, and besides,
if you don't know how to release the hidden brakes,
it ain't going nowhere.

Awww, makes a mother's (and an honorary aunt's) heart swell, don't it?

We had time for TWO movies.
And, even though we had the best of intentions to eat junk,
we ended up snacking on whole-wheat crackers, baby carrots & hummus.
Thrilling, huh?
Brandon tasted the hummus.
He was not impressed.
So he got a taste of his favorite barbeque sauce
and a sip of water to wash it all down.
What a good afternoon it was.
Hey BS - thank you for your help.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you three had a ball......and the two big boys on the cute...:-))) Thanks Kathy, for EVERYTHING you are a WONDERFUL friend..:-)))) --<--<--@

Susanne Prince said...

ups, I don't know why it said anonymous

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I think you got your mojo back.

Sista G said...

Hey, BS - I thank you, too!! And to you, Kathy - bravo - Rosie is right; anything having to do with the boys does bring your Mojo back!