Friday, April 16, 2010

Never Forget

April 16, 2007

Never forget . . .

not the students and faculty that died,
not their grieving families,
not the students and faculty and staff who lost their friends,
not the thousands of other students whose lives were forever changed,
not the Hokie families who saw their loved ones weeping,
not the world who wept with them,
not the lessons learned,
not the legacies left behind.

This anniversary still touches the lives of those who were there.

Never forget.

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Sista G said...

I remember that day very clearly - I was riveted to the radio, getting continual updates. After confirming that our peeps were safe and accounted for, I was relieved, but the close call with one of them was eerie.

As the victim count ticked up, it brought me to tears. Upon the final victim count, I had to leave work.

I know it has been especially hard for those friends and relatives left behind, and for those survived. My thoughts are with them.