Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mystery Girl Revealed

Ooh, sorry about the mystery girl from a couple of posts ago.
(Refresh your memory here.)
I kind of forgot to give you the answer.
So, the girl in this picture...

...the pretty one, back row, white blouse, 2nd from right?
(and by the way, my sisters & I are also in that picture.
All of us were in our awkward phase at the same time, I think.)

That girl is the much younger version of:

After some of you recover from the recoil and mental "ewwww",
(I know she can inspire strong reactions)
let me just say this.
My family and her family were good friends back in the days before fame & fortune hit.
Wonderful people.
Salt of the earth & lots of fun.
We always had a great time with them at their big old inn in Rehoboth Beach.
She wouldn't know me from Adam these days,
but I have very fond memories of those days.

So, other than Sista G & Nana,
how many of you guessed?


Who?am?I? said...

Even though I was not alive yet, I still knew who it was because I am related to you.

Kathy said...

Hmmm, could it be...
I think...

Brotha M?

Sista G said...

Oh yeah, definitely, definitely Brother M!!

nana said...

Those Epstein girls never had an awkward age!

Sista G said...

Yeah - not fair! I was most accutely aware of that fact back then during those summers...