Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who'd have believed? (new & improved with added video)

If you were to ask me 20 years ago if I would get excited about watching football and participate in any of the following activities . . .
  • make sure I am wearing all my Hokie paraphanelia on game day
  • rush back to St. Mary's so I can watch the game with a 14 year old boy who loves the Hokies as much as I do. And yes, I am talking about Brandon (BS was in B'burg for the game). And let me tell you, that boy knows more about football than I do
  • beat my fist on the table when the other team scores to the point that I have to cradle my hand for awhile
  • yell out loud to the point that out switchboard operator had to ask me to close the door
  • jump out of my seat and run around the conference table in the boardroom (where I brought the big screen tv) waving my arms around when we score a touchdown. Heck, I do this even when we get a first down
  • pummel said 14 year old boy (albeit ever so gently) on the arm when it looks like we are really going to win

. . . I would have said you were nuts.


And let me tell you, the last minute of the game was the best I have ever seen:

ps - BS just got home and told me that the Nebraska fans are some of the nicest he has ever met, and (being a bartender in Blacksburg for so long), he has met quite a few. So Nebraska, even though I am celebrating that you lost . . . Even though I know you wanted to win as much as we did . . . Even though I will hope for your crushing defeat the next time we play you . . . YEA HUSKERS!


Sista G said...

I have to agree - even Hubby was watching, and we just COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!! That was an incredible minute of two huge plays!

I'm glad Brandon enjoyed the "I threw a touchdown, too...just yesterday" (long story, everyone but Kathy). You're a good egg, Rootie!!

Love ya'

Kathy said...

Love ya' too Toughie