Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekends Mean Breakfast!

And you know what that means. That means . . . . . .
you think I'm going to go on again ad nauseum about pancakes or muffins, don't you?


It was sweet potato hash with fried eggs & salsa.
You see, I have a bowl where I keep potatoes & onions & the like,
and this grew out of it overnight.
Overnight, I swear.

I think it needs to be used, eh?

(And looky RAD, I got some bokeh in that shot!)

So, it got sliced & put in the pan with some butter & olive oil.
Then I sprinkled some chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, salt & pepper over the mess & cooked it a bit,
not stirring too much since I wanted the bottom to get a little brown.

Then a chopped sweet onion & 2 cloves of minced garlic went in.

After it all cooked some more & I did a lousy job of trying to turn it over so it could get toasty,
I put it on a plate, sprinkled on some 2% sharp cheddar, sprinkled some more, maybe a little more,
and put in the oven to get melty while I made the eggs.

Now, speaking of minced garlic, I have minced garlic the old-fashioned way,
wielding my big ol' knife with expert skill.
Highly overrated, I tell ya, especially since my co-worker gave me a chopper.
Now my garlic goes from this . . .

. . . to this with just a few whacks.

What's not to love, right? And they stay in a pretty circle.
Simple pleasures.

The eggs went in a clean pan to cook - 2 for the boy & 1 for me.

Here's a nice tip I learned from my mama.
Sunny-side-up eggs can be a bit wiggly on the top, and slimy egg whites squick me out.
If you don't want the monkey business of trying to flip them (to cook the white part)
without busting the yolks, put a little water in the pan & cover it, still on the heat.

The steam will cook the top side and you will still have pretty, recognizable yolks in the middle.
The eggs went on top of the hash with a salsa garnish.

Ewww, you're thinking. What's that on the eggs?
Well, I placed a dab of salsa on each egg too, but they ended up looking too much like boobs,
so I scraped it off.
I'm trying to repress my inner 12 year old.
My mother is glad of that.

There were no leftovers.
BS was very pleased.
I liked it a lot too, but I think I would have preferred a slightly sweeter salsa,
like mango or peach, to offset the spicy potatoes.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Please come to the beach and cook breakfast for me.

Kathy said...

I would be pleased to do just that,
as soon as all those damn dogs are gone.

Anonymous said...

That hardly qualifies as bokeh. Use your macro setting and open the aperture to its fullest. Nice images. I bet the rest of the article is funny, but the mention of sweet potatoes gives me an FBQ! There is no reason to ruin perfectly good eggs with those disgusting roots. ;-)
And I'll bet 50 cents that you can't suppress your inner 12-year-old.
ps. FBQ=full body quiver ;-)

Kathy said...

Geez RAD. You besmirch my bokeh. You besmirch my food. My inner 12 year old is making a very rude gesture right now.

And just so you know - sweet potatoes are delicious, sweet potatoes are versatile, sweet potatoes are nutritious, sweet potatoes are pretty much perfect. Sweet potatoes are your friend.

Sista G said...

RAD - I am with you - not much of a sweet potato person either, although it doesn't give me FBQ. I also can't adulterate my eggs with salsa - I am an egg purist! Kathy is a great cooker, though!

I broke down and bought an "Egg Genie" (as seen on TV), and was very skeptical after I opened it and read the directions. We are hard boiled egg fans, and it was worth a try. When the timer wwnt off after 12 minutes, I thought "no way", but after they "colded" down and we each tried one - perfection! Fluffy yolk, perfectly hard cooked by steaming. I'm hooked!

St. Mary's Home for Disabled Children said...

Your breakfast looks fantastic. I know a certain husband who would swoon over sweet potatoes for breakfast.

MBS said...

It's OK, RAD goes to poultry farms and asks which part of the chicken is the McNugget. Food critic is not on of his many true talents

Kathy said...

HA! I wonder if he will even read that.