Friday, August 14, 2009

Attention Runners & Good-Hearted People

This post will be an overt & shameless plug.
Anyone who reads this knows I am staunchly loyal to my place of employment:
St. Mary's Home for Disabled Children.
But for anyone else, I will briefly explain.
(Really, you should just go back and read the whole blog. ;-)

My 8 1/2 loyal readers should just go to the kitchen for a snack right about now, 'cause you've heard it before.
But come back. I have a point here.

St. Mary's provides 24 hour nursing and residential care for children with disabilities at the severe to profound level.
It is one of only about 100 such facilities in the country,
and the care they receive is outstanding - not only the medical care & therapies,
but the love and attention the staff lavishes on them.
Yes, lavishes.
We adore our kids.

Photos by weyo

And we're not the only ones.

Loyal readers (what, I'm down to only 7 again? rats!),
come on back in the room now.
I need you.

We have very good friends in the community.
Friends who bend over backwards to help us in our fund raising efforts.
Friends who bend over backwards to give the kids experiences that we all take for granted.
Friends like Team Hoyt Virginia Beach (whose website is presently under construction),
a group of runners who, inspired by the story of Rick & Dick Hoyt,
have been taking our kids (and others) to the races.

Have you ever seen the face of a disabled child running a race
(with the assistance of someone pushing them)?

They feel the wind in their faces.

They are free of the wheelchairs.

Of course, some of them take the excitement in stride.

But they all love the experience.

And it can be life changing.
Not only for the kids, but for their helpers who get them through the course.

For a reminder of just who Team Hoyt is - the inspiration for this - watch this video or this one, and you will know why this group of runners was inspired. Then, if you really want to have a good weepy moment, watch this one. I still choke up when I see these.

Anyway, Team Hoyt Virginia Beach has participated in quite a few events since their humble beginnings,
and they have another one coming up September 6, 2009 at the
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon at the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

You can go here to read about their efforts and decide if you want to help.
(Maybe you are a runner and would like to join them.)
Not only are they seeking funds,
but they are seeking children and young adults with disabilities who would like to participate.

Do you know any kids who would like to escape their disabilities that morning?
Team Hoyt is looking for kids to help them get through the race,
since they have decided that the only way they like running anymore is
if there is a deserving young person in a jogging stroller in front of them.

God bless them all.

There are runners just waiting to take your child for a ride.
Look at them in action:

Can you think of a more worthwhile endeavor than supporting these people and their efforts to help the children of St. Mary's?


cindy said...

Thanks for your work and your support. This is an amazing story and should bring shame to all of us who with healthy children have not made half the effort for their children.

As Christ said, that which you do to the least of mine your do unto me....


MH said...

Thanks, Kathy, for your post about this incredible group of people and the difference they're making in our community!

Sista G said...

Such a worthy and admirable group and mission! I watched both of the videos - "this one" sure did choke me up - to see the joy of the experience and finish on Rick's face, and the toil, devotion and commitment on Dick's face is fantastic!