Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Every year, our local symphony does the annual Messiah sing-along. This year we were at the new performing arts theater in Virginia Beach, the one that my group, the Virginia Beach Chorale, performs in.
It is a marvelous theater with terrific acoustics.

Here it is from right to left:

And in full song:

If you ever get the chance to hear a thousand voices singing the Hallelujah Chorus, don't miss it. It will send chills up your spine. It is glorious.

But wait, there really is an interesting bit to this story. I was in the alto section, all the way in the back, and there were some empty seats around me. A woman who looked like an old hippie asked me if she could sit next to me because she didn't know the music very well. I said 'sure', and as soon as she sat down........


She reeked, absolutely reeked of
(And, no, it wasn't patchouli)

Or rather, the dried, cured, rolled version of the above

In other words, reefer, weed, Mary Jane, pot, cannibis, that little cigarette that sounds like hissing when you inhale.

I was starting to feel pretty mellow just sitting next to her. Yeah, baby

I admit I messed with her a bit and jumped back & forth between the alto part & the soprano part a few times. She looked a little confused. Heh.

She is going to have a merry Christmas. I can tell. Even if it isn't merry, she won't care.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

But Ticky, How did you know exactly what she smelled like? Oh ... Your Google has the smellavision, right?

Kathy said...

Yeah, yeah, that's it.
Plus....uh....someone described it to me once.
Yeah, yeah, that's it.