Monday, September 15, 2008


Why the title of this thing, "Reinventing a Boomer"?

By the way, does the question mark go inside the quote marks or out?

Granted, I am on the downside of the baby boomers, but the proof is in my persistent and disturbing fondness for tie-dye and lava lamps and continued use of the term ‘cool.’

Being the completely selfish & self-centered person that I am, I think the world revolves around me. It really does, at least my world does, and that very narrow view has seen a lot of life situations kicking me in the teeth the last years with targeted aim and precision. Family problems, work problems, personal problems. Trouble is, I have let it beat me down and responded way too often by sitting around and feeling sorry for myself. Unfortunately, this tends to be incompatible with several critical aspects of my existence, namely health & happiness. So this will end. How, you might ask? Partly by embracing those things that I keep putting off. You know, those things that you say to yourself, “I would really love to blah blah blah, and I will, when I have more time.” Well, I hear the years ticking by and have decided that the time is now or never.

Health & happiness have become my goal, my ambition, my pot of gold, my bourne. I don’t want to finally get around to climbing Mount Everest when I am toothless, have 2 new hips, and can’t remember where Mount Everest is. Not that there’s anything wrong with climbing Mount Everest with 2 new hips, it just isn’t for me. The fact that I don’t even want to climb Mount Everest in the first place is beside the point. It’s just an analogy, but I digress.

Remember when we were kids, and something in a game didn’t go our way, we would blithely declare a do-over? This is going to be my life’s do-over. That, along with a “Bucket List” of sorts. Things I want to change to improve my chances for health & happiness. Things I want to do that are meaningful to me. And do them while I still have some youth and beauty (a stretch, I know) working for me.

So... I will attempt to document my changes and improvements online so that my friends & family can peek in when they want. I will not, however, satisfy anyone's voyeuristic tendencies. It will be rated 'PG-13'. Well, maybe an occasional 'R', but no T&A. I don't like pictures of myself, so don't expect those either.

Have patience with me. I've never blogged before and I am scared of my computer. It is smarter than me and constantly finds new ways to make me want to rip out its little soulless heart.


Gillian said...

Officially inside, but use your best judgement.

Gillian said...

You are too young to have a bucket list.

Jill said...

I also use the term cool.

Changeling said...

Jill, how 'bout if I just don't care about punctuation? Do I get a pass then? And, I'm not too old. Sometimes my knee hurts and "What did you say?" has become part of my normal vocabulary, but maybe that's from my loud band groupie days.

Changeling said...

That's because you are cool, Jill.

Anonymous said...

I say go for it! I'm always down with doing what you want to do now and resisting letting The Man get you too down until you don't want to actually do anything anymore except sit, watch tv, drink, (insert your preferred method of passive escapism here).

Rad. By saying "rad", does that make me Gen X?


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I still like the old and unimproved version of yourself, but if you must, you must.

Blogs can be cathartic.

Works for me.