Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A friend's computer was recently infected with the computer version of Ebola.
Caused it to crash & burn.
I think there were actually flames shooting out of it's dual high-speed USB ports.
It's the stuff of nightmares, I tell ya.

But it got me to thinking how dependent I am on this blasted machine.
Email, Facebook, word games, my daily jigsaw, Wikipedia,
Google, You Tube, online banking, online shopping.

Need I go on?

But, pretty soon, M&M & I will be venturing out to the high country.

There will be mountains involved.

But not these.


But not these.

Mountain lakes.

But not this one.

Remote trails. Crisp, clean air.
I can feel the cares of daily life lifting already.

There will be lodging with no phones, no TV, no internet, no cell reception.
I can feel the potential for the shakes starting already.

So, this reinvention isn't really about going forward.
These boomers are going back in time.
Back to childhood pursuits.
Before all this technology that has us hooked.

Remember when we:

Played outside?
Looked for bugs, bunnies & butterflies?
Read books....made of paper & cardboard?
Weren't convinced we had to post every random thought that crossed our minds on Facebook?
Or that our friends & acquaintances really cared?

A weekend without technology. It will take awhile to prepare.
A weekend of bathing in mountain air and woods. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I want to go, but you have to let me bring my technologically-advanced camera. ;-)

Kathy said...

All are welcome, but get your own room ;-)
I will be bringing my technologically advanced camera too (at least by 1960 standards).

bethmcw said...

You mean other people don't still do those things?
But I would bring my Kindle. I still succumb to the paper & cardboard book on occasion, but I am trying to kick the habit. At last I have somewhere to store the ridiculous number of books (what comes after skazillions?)that I have always wanted, and I can not only move them without injuring myself, I can bring them in my purse!!! Mwahahahaaaa!!!!