Saturday, July 10, 2010

A New Chapter

These are supposed to be exciting times.
Why don't I feel excited?
What the heck am I talking about anyway?

When you send your kids off to college, you get your first taste of an empty nest.
But not really.
Holidays, some weekends, summers - they're back.
With their laundry.
They may have their own place at college, roommates or not.
They are experiencing independence - cooking, paying the bills, doing the chores.
But your house is still their home.

When BS finished his life in Blacksburg, he came back here, to his home.
I knew it was just temporary, really I did.
It's just that we have always been very close,
but never in a "Mama's boy" kind of way.
He is very independent.
We just . . . get along extraordinarily well.
Having him here is a joy.
But the last 3 years have been very hard on him for reasons I won't announce here.
The people that really matter already know.
But, for him, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brightly at last.
He feels the sun on his face,
and it's time for him to start his new chapter.
He left yesterday.
This is no longer his home,
and his room looks awfully empty.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Time to cut the cord, Sweetie.
If you get lonely, you can always come and "enjoy" my children.
I'll feed you.

Anonymous said...

He'll be back, now and then. The closeness in the relationship will survive the distance in living arrangements. Your invitation to come here is open. Rosie sees you all the time, AND Cathy and I are much closer to where BS lives. Send me his email address, so we can take him out to a good time at the IBWC.
Man, it's hot in this state - I need to go back to Alaska.

Sista G said...

The Bean will always come often for visits - he never thinks twice about hopping in the car and driving long distances, especially for his mama!

Mine is only 5 minutes away (can be a blessing and a curse...)